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M.I.S.S. offers music recording of all styles. Welcoming all levels of musicians from beginners to professionals. Working one on one with artists helping to establish musical goals.

We are a full service recording studio with state of the art digital and analog recording capabilities. Also providing high quality graphic art to an artist's CD projects.

MISS will host a friendly, supportive environment for music creation The main goals are not only to create music that meets expectations, but encourages us to share our expression of musical interpretation with others. From start to finish to make sure each project is done.

Studio Services Include The Following:

  • Recording Music
  • Music publication
  • Music composition
  • Music engineering
  • Songwriting
  • Both male and female vocals
  • Graphic arts and design
  • CD’s and DVD’s printing
  • Full package for projects for CD
  • Dubbing for CD’s and DVD’s projects

Mirror Image Sound Studios
1950 DeKalb Ave
Sycamore IL 60178

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