Yoo-Nek Shaw

Yoo-nek Shaw was one of the first artists to record at Mirror Image Sounds Studios. He spent most of his early years writing songs for family and other entertainers in the Chicago area. He is best known for his impact at live performances. He is dedicated and has a strong drive to be in the music entertainment world.

Arthur Berry CEO of Mirror Image Sounds Studios

( yoo-nek ) Pronounced unique

Definition: Family Oriented, Family unity, God blessed individuals, different, not the same.

Type of artist: solo Hometown: DeKalb,IL

Name : Yoo-nek Shaw : e-mail -- yoonek@tmail.com

Style of music: spiritually influenced hip-hop.

The style of music comes from hip-hop, r&b, and gospel. My inspirations come from artists such as Tupac Shakur, R-Kelly, and Kirk Franklin.

No music artists have flourished from the small town I grew up in (Dekalb, IL). So I have been driven to open the doorway for myself and those to follow.

I began performing in 1990, which has allowed ( yoo-nek ) to become versatile in different categories and styles of music.

(Yoo-nek) originated with my three brothers and myself. We performed in the church choir, local talent shows, and other functioned events. As time went on ( yoo-nek ) became a solo artist, and in 1996 I began recording music at Mirror Image Sounds Studio (Dekalb, IL).

From that time to the present I have had my music online in two worldwide sites (optimumrecords.com, and garageband.com) In garageband.com my two songs were ranked first and eighth out of thousands. Last but not least, ( yoo-nek ) has accomplished his first music video that aired on a local television station.

Mirror Image Sound Studios
217 South Second Street. Suite #215
Dekalb Illinois 601115-3715
Yoo-nek Shaw: e-mail --- yoonek@tmail.com

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