Demetrius A. Greer

Demetrius A. Greer has had a huge impact on songwriting. He has been a part of the majority of music produced at M.I.S.S. He is best known for writing and performing Gospel, R & B , and Love songs . Demetrius has spent most of his music career sharing his talent with so many others, and it is an honor to work with him.

Arthur Berry CEO of Mirror Image Sounds Studios

Name: Demetrius A.Greer

Type of artist: Production and lyricist

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Type of music: Various

Demetrius A. Greer : e-mail

This producer and lyricist lets his audience hear the smooth elements of R & B, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Soul, and Gospel in all of his work. Since the age of 12, Demetrius A. Greer has been studying and developing a style, on keyboards that no other can match.

“I became even more submerged into my love of music . . . this is due to the fact that I was immediately surrounded by a host of musicians who were just as hungry as I.”

This Mirror Image Sound Studios’ artist is doing everything to become a well-established songwriter and producer by putting his hands on every track he possibly can. From the times he would just sit down and listen to his cousins rehearse, till he began to play with the band Motif (a group organized on Northern Illinois University’s campus), Demetrius has nurtured his musical talent into a successful one.

“My lyric-writing ability has developed more since my stay at N.I.U. I have become involved with the band Motif, preformed at several local events, talent shows, written many songs, even now as the keyboardist of Gospel at New Hope Church in DeKalb and developed a very healthy relationship with Mr. Berry of Mirror Image Sound Studios (located in Berryville, IL. joke!). It has been through the kindness of Mr.Berry that I have been able to get some hands-on experience with working with artists.

On the black and white keys this cat is slick and combined with blank sheets and black ink he is unstoppable. This psychology major plans to make his music career successful “by any means necessary.”

Mirror Image Sound Studios
217 South Second Street. Suite #215
Dekalb Illinois 601115-3715
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