Dexter Gardner

Name: DEX G CEO of THE ILLMIND production

Music Style: Hip Hop Production / Lyricist

Origin: Palatine, IL.

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Within the realm of the five elements of Hip-Hop, Dex G has connected with the arts of producing and writing. Originally from Palatine, IL., he has expanded his music throughout the Chicagoland area. Now attending Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Dex G’s creativity provides a foundation for growth and stamina for his career in the music industy.

Currently Dex G has joined with the M.I.S.S. family and has shown a sacred devotion with its members. By producing music, writing lyrics, and being Arthur Berry’s (CEO of M.I.S.S) understudy, Dex G has become a well-rounded asset to upcoming artists. At the present time Dex G is producing for/with artists and record labels while working on his Album “Dexterity” (due to drop winter of 2002)

As a starving artist, Dex G plans to become a producer and/or an A & R for a record company in the next few years. Some of the artists that influence him the most are Dr, Dre, Timberland, The Neptunes, Rakim, Nas,The Roots, Mobb Deep Common and Twista.

Dex G believes that: [he] can only get better . . . “there is no point on wasting the talent that God gave me. Either way I am going to be respected; whether I make it in the music industry or get others in to it . . .”

Mirror Image Sound Studios
217 South Second Street. Suite #215
Dekalb Illinois 601115-3715
Dexter Gardner: e-mail ---

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