Darcy Clarke

When it comes to female vocals at Mirror Image Sounds Studios, the focus has always been on Darcy Clarke. She has been a singer and songwriter for dozens of projects at M.I.S.S. and in the music community. Yes, Darcy Clarke is in high demand, whether it is for a lead vocal or background parts.

Arthur Berry CEO of Mirror Image Sounds Studios

Name: Darcy Clarke

Stage Name: Butrfli

Definition of Butrfli: A queen with a voice that changes dimensions from what once was to a Butterfly with wings n’ patterns that soothe and spread out to shine bright.

Style : Soul, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Spiritual

Type of Artist: Solo

Darcy Clarke: e-mail Dejoi33@yahoo.com


As a Jamaican native raised in Jamestown, New York, music has always been a part of my life. . . a part of me, in some way. I received a love, appreciation, and ear for music at age 6. I started recording on my father’s reel to reel tape recorder at that age, making up songs for my toys. Around age 8 my parents decided that I should take piano lessons. I did not like that because I wanted to continue to make up my own songs and play by ear, which was not permitted. After 3 years of that, I ventured into playing the flute which I continued through my middle and junior high school career.

During my junior high school years, I attended the Brekenridge Music Institute in Brekenridge, Colorado for 3 consecutive summers. It was during high school that I entered the mystical world of singing. I sang in church, and every lunch hour I did a 15 minute serenade for whoever requested a song.

Knowing that it was a must for me to be around music, I landed a job my last 2 years of high school as a radio personality every Sunday night at KGNU radio station at 88.9 on your FM dial. This experience started my intrest in studying different music styles and artists, and stemmed over into my college career and major. I went from KGNU to WCSU - 88.5 FM, in Wilberforce, Ohio. In more recent times, I have sung at many weddings and I am currently booked for many more. I have also been singing background and lead vocals for Mirror Image Sounds Studios for the past 10 years.

I have the infinite power to make my life whatever I choose. Music is a healing art, substance for the soul. The growth and development of my life are a never ending journey. . . and a journey of a million miles begins with one single step. . . .I encourage everyone to take that step.


** Butrfli **

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Darcy Clarke: e-mail --- Dejoi33@yahoo.com

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