Dina Bronaugh

Dina ( RedChild ) Bronaugh spends much of her time here at Mirror Image Sounds Studios. Since 1995 she has been recording her own, original music. She has been composing and arranging her own music and producing for many of the hot rap artists in this area. Recently Red Child has been getting her own production company off the ground. Her hope is to share the love of music with others.

Arthur Berry CEO of Mirror Image Sounds Studios

Name: Dina Bronaugh   Redd Potion Entertainment

Dina Bronaugh: e-mail - redchild@hotmail.com

Music Soaking to the Bone …

Everyday is not a normal day for Dina Bronaugh. She is also known as Redd Child to those that know her well in the music business. With the help of Quit Storm ( T.O.B.Y. ), who is no amateur in the music business, she knows much about music and is still learning more. I talked to Redd a lot , since I’ve known her.

We grew up together on View Street in Aurora, Illinois and boy, the Bae -Bae kids had nothing on us. I guess music was in our blood, since we were old enough to use two pencils, drumming on a book, singing our ABC’s . Over all, it was not easy for Red to get as far as she has. It took a lot of crawling before she could walk. She juggled her school time with her music, which was hard considering that she was a full-time student.

Redd kept her faith and never gave up her dream. She had to accomplish it. Being in the music business is fun at times, but it takes a lot of hard work and patience. As Redd always says, criticism is her best friend because without it she wouldn’t she know how her music sounds to others. Redd Child is almost at her peak and when she gets on top, I can truly say that she has earned it.

Mirror Image Sound Studios
217 South Second Street. Suite #215
Dekalb Illinois 601115-3715
Dina Bronaugh: e-mail --- redchild@hotmail.com

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