Arthur Berry

As long as I can remember, music has played a major part in my life. When I was very young, I remember pretending to play my mom’s broom. Music was in my soul even then. It really started at age 10, when I got my first guitar. It was a kid’s dream. I practiced long hours and taught myself to play by ear. By the time I turned 14, I had an electric guitar and played in my first local band. At 16, I was playing weekly with a well-established band. We played engagements throughout the Chicago area. In those early years of my professional life, I was known for my Jimi Hendrix style of guitar playing.

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Arthur Berry CEO of Mirror Image Sound Studios

Over many years I’ve listened to and experimented with a wide variety of musical styles. Now I do more than just play guitar. I compose and record my own music. I’ve stretched out a lot, especially since 1989. I also play bass guitar and keyboards. Mirror Image Sound Studios started out being a project recording studio put together for my own personal music projects. But, in time, many artists were asking me to work with them on their music projects. Since 1993 I have expanded my musical interests and talents to help other artists who share the same dream that I do.

In 1998 I started entering in professional audio engineering for studio recording, Consultation long time veterans in professional audio engineering. And attended classes at Music industry work shop Chicago IL in audio recording and music engineering.

For decades I’ve been a serious music listener of ( funk, hip-hop, Jazz, New Age, Ambient, Electronic music, R & B, and Soul).  I’ve tried not to fashion my style of music from any one given source, but to make music that comes from my heart, using elements of the many different music cultures of my life.

I work diligently to develop my own music career and recording it. My music is a fusion of many musical styles and can be used for several markets ( sound tracks, New Age, commercials, radio and advertisements ).

Mirror Image Sound Studios
217 South Second Street. Suite #215
Dekalb Illinois 601115-3715
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