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Studio Background

In 1989, Berry started putting together his own studio where he composed and recorded his own original music. In 1999 he began consulting with professionals to upgrade his studio production and to further educate himself. Berry studied under long time veterans in professional audio engineering.

Fellow consultants in audio engineering:

Mike Hyde:
Hyde has been a veteran in Pro Audio and Digital Recording since 1976. Owner and Master engineer of Razor Records. He is a consultant for computer music software and a recording music expert. He has been a setting up man for music recording studios since 1980.

Steve Simmons:
Steve, a well-known DJ from 1980 and a veteran in Pro Tools, chief engineer at Legendary Traxters studio, also one of the top music recording sales agents for Guitar Center. Steve is very well known for consultation and studio setups for DigiDesign Pro Tools Audio Recording since 1995.

Dave Jeziorski:
Owner of 46 Productions and an engineer for many years. He also works with sound retransfer, mixing and mastering music projects. He is a consultant for both old and new music recording.

Arthur Berry is a student who frequently attends classes at the Music Industry Workshop in Chicago, Illinois. He has taken several classes in audio and music engineering.

Mirror Image Sounds Studios is a FULL SERVICE RECORDING STUDIO specializing in Music Recording, Mixing and Mastering for each project.

A long list of artists have completed projects through Mirror Image Sound Studios providing mastering and cd burning for projects, full color custom graphics design for CD and DVD inserts. In-house graphics are printed in the studio.

Mirror Image Sound Studios is a multi-track project recording studio in DeKalb, Illinois with analogue and digital recording capabilities. The birth of M.I.S.S. was long before 1989 founder Arthur Berry said. It really started when I got my first electric guitar, and playing in local bands. at 16, I was playing weekly with a well-established bands.

Now doing more than just playing guitar, composing and recording his own music. Berry has stretched out a lot, especially since 1989. Also playin bass guitar and keyboards. Mirror Image Sounds Studios started out being a project recording studio put together for his own personal music projects.

Mirror Image Sounds Studios is a multi-track digital audio project studio in DeKalb , Illinois. The studio is independently owned and operated by producer/engineer Arthur Berry.

In 1992 MISS was still small and in its infancy. Berry thought it would be interesting to do some preliminary recording on his private projects before going into a bigger studio. Berry's attitude gradually changed. The ability to retain creative control through all phases of a music project became a real possibility. The idea was exciting, addictive even. Composition, recording, mixing, editing, mastering, and even the graphic design of the packaging all fascinated him. The learning curve was high at first, but building up the studio was fun and rewarding. Berry was determined to build an environment where he could carry a project from conception to market ready status.

Inevitably, others discovered what he was doing. By 1994 Berry was still working on his own musical quest, but he was also helping others get projects rolling. His infectious laugh, easy going manner and fast growing knowledge of recording technology made him a natural for working with others.

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Mirror Image Sound Studios
1950 DeKalb Ave
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