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Artist Biographies

Arthur Berry

As long as I can remember, music has played a major part in my life. When I was very young, I remember pretending to play my mom's broom. Music was in my soul even then. It really started at age 10, when I got my first guitar. It was a kid's dream. I practiced long hours and taught myself to play by ear. By the time I turned 14, I had an electric guitar and played in my first local band. At 16, I was playing weekly with a well-established band. We played engagements throughout the Chicago area. In those early years of my professional life, I was known for my Jimi Hendrix style of guitar playing.

Dina ( RedChild ) Bronaugh

Dina ( RedChild ) Bronaugh spends much of her time here at Mirror Image Sound Studios. Since 1995 she has been recording her own, original music. She has been composing and arranging her own music and producing for many of the hot rap artists in this area . Recently Red Child has been getting her own production company off the ground. Her hope is to share the love of music with others.

Darcy Clarke

When it comes to female vocals at Mirror Image Sound Studios, the focus has always been on Darcy Clarke. She has been a singer and songwriter for dozens of projects at M.I.S.S. and in the music community. Yes, Darcy Clarke is in high demand, whether it is for a lead vocal or background parts.

Arthur Berry CEO of
Mirror Image Sound Studios


Dexter Gardner

Dexter Gardner has become a number one Hip Hop producer and Hip Hop artist at M.I.S.S. In 2000 he started an internship. He has specialized in hard-disc and digital recording. Dex has also become well known in the Hip-Hop world for producing and writing lyrics. He has become one of the most versatile artists I've seen in years.

Arthur Berry (CEO of M.I.S.S.)


Demetrius A. Greer

Demetrius A. Greer has had a huge impact on songwriting here at Mirror Image Sound Studios. He has been a part of the majority of music produced at M.I.S.S. He is best known for writing and performing Gospel, R & B, and Love songs . Demetrius has spent most of his music career sharing his talent with so many others, and it is an honor to work with him.

Arthur Berry CEO of
Mirror Image Sound Studios


Yoo-nek Shaw

Yoo-nek Shaw was one of the first artists to record at Mirror Image Sound Studios. He spent most of his early years writing songs for his family and other entertainers in the Chicago area. He is best known for his impact at live performances. He is dedicated and has a strong drive to be in the music entertainment world.

Arthur Berry CEO of Mirror Image Sound Studios

Mirror Image Sound Studios
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